Strategic Plan

NADD Strategic Plan (2019-2024)


Empowering SW Education Leaders for A Just World


The National Association of Deans and Directors of Schools of Social Work (NADD) supports social work deans, directors and chairpersons to promote social justice and human rights, drive innovation and advance the social work education.


1 – To enhance and develop leadership capacity of NADD members

a) Provide knowledge, values and skills training on a wide range of leadership and management topics with consideration for size, type of social work program, new intermediate and senior dean/director levels – grounded in developmental stage, university culture and context. b) Provide mentoring opportunities for all new deans and directors and chairs who desire a mentoring relationship and opportunity – collaboration mentorship. c) Develop a pipeline of leadership through both LADD and Future Leaders Program. d) Provide encouragement and information on strategies that promote a stronger representation of social work educators in higher education administration. e) Promote supportive interpersonal relationships among members, including how to prepare for/respond to disasters or other crises that affect the college, university or program. f) Provide mechanism for Emeriti Deans, Directors and Chairpersons to have a relationship with NADD.

2 – To enhance the social work profession

a) Support interprofessional leadership and collaborations to raise awareness of social work. b) Build structures to generate and disseminate research to influence change. c) Support a purposive agenda around relevant national and international topics or current issues. d) Push evidence to support education and practice issues. e) Enhance linkage with CSWE to influence the development of new standards and other programs and issues. f) Enhance linkage with ASWB. g) Define and market the centrality of the social work profession. h) Defend the quality of education during budget threats and cuts.

3 – To promote social justice and human rights

a) Intentionally and strategically utilize the Social Justice Fund to promote NADD priority areas. b) Promote diversity and inclusion in the academy and at NADD. c) Participate in community engagement and advocacy (inside and out of institution). d) Build social justice capacity. e) Develop consensus statements when needed.

4 – To drive innovation

a) Create the space for innovation. b) Support Grand Challenges and/or strategic social work initiatives that encompass innovation in social work. c) Use and promote technology where of benefit to the NADD membership. d) Use the NADD website to keep membership appraised of NADD activities and current issues affecting social work education and to achieve its organizational mission. e) Innovate in educational practice and assessment. f) Continually assess jobs of the future in social work.

5 – To ensure the sustainability of NADD

a) Promote organizational fiscal responsibility and transparency. b) Preserve NADD history and records. c) Board is responsible for strategic plan review every five years.

NADD Strategic Plan Task Force: Todd Rofuth, Anna Scheyett and Robin Mama.
Adopted by the NADD Board of Directors on April 7, 2019 in San Diego, CA at the NADD 2019 Spring Conference.