NADD Strategic Plan (2014-2017)


The National Association of Deans and Directors of Schools of Social Work (NADD)
supports social work deans, directors, and chairpersons in advancing effective,
dynamic social work leadership.


1. Provide leadership development and support.

Objective a. Provide diverse professional development
opportunities at each NADD meeting.

Objective b. Develop and promote the website, listserv, and other social media
for professional development, information gathering, and distribution.

Objective c. Create opportunities for general leadership skill development for
deans and directors.

Objective d. Identify and develop substantive information critical to the effective
operation of social work educational programs.

Objective e. Promote dialogue and develop related information on important trends,
challenges and opportunities related to future development of the field.

Objective f. Provide mentoring and leadership development for new deans, directors,
and chairpersons.

2. Support deans, directors, and chairpersons, including during times of change,
transition, and crisis (e.g., personal, professional, organizational, environmental).

Objective a. Encourage appropriate members to serve
as resources to one another.

Objective b. Communicate to members the availability of support when needed.

Objective c. Provide substantive information related to common transitional
events affecting leadership in social work educational programs.

Objective d. Promote networking, mentoring, and professional relationships that
enhance member support.

3. Collaborate with other social work and related organizations to pursue
shared objectives. crisis (e.g., personal, professional, organizational, environmental).

Develop, nurture, and sustain partnerships with
other social work and related organizations.

4. Ensure sustainability of NADD.

Objective a. Encourage commitment to NADD (e.g.,
participate, pay dues, provide leadership).

Objective b. Promote organizational fiscal responsibility and transparency.

NADD Strategic Plan Task Force: Terry Singer, Virginia Rondero Hernandez,
Darrell Wheeler, Billie Terrell, Cheryl Waites, Todd Franke, Dorinda Noble,
Deb Padgett, Anna Scheyett, Héctor Luis Diaz, Alfredo Garcia, and Steve
Anderson (chair). Approved by the membership of NADD in Asheville, North Carolina,
at the Spring 2014 Business Meeting on April 11, 2014.