Monographs and Reports

Monographs and Reports

Social Work Workforce Report, October 2017 (PDF)
The report was prepared by CSWE in partnership with the Social Work Leadership Roundtable

“The State of Licensure – Social Work” Report, April 2016 (PDF)
The report was prepared by Goutham Menon, University of Nevada, Reno.

“Integrative Mind-Body-Spirit Social Work Initiative” Report (PDF)
The report was presented by Salome Raheim, Dean Emeritus, School of Social Work, University of Connecticut, at the NADD 2015 Spring Conference

2016 Directory of Social Work Faculty in the United States and Canada who are involved in International Activities, April 2016 (PDF)
The directory was prepared by Goutham Menon, University of Nevada, Reno.

Clinical Faculty Report, October 2015 (PDF)
The report was prepared by Goutham Menon, University of Nevada, Reno.

Report on Transfer of Graduate Credits, September 2015 (PDF)
The report on Transfer Policies of MSW Programs was prepared by Christian Itin, Metropolitan State University of Denver.

2014 Survey of All MSW Programs with Regard to Their Health Content Based on a Web Review (PDF)
This Report is of particular interest to the health and behavioral health task force.

SWPI’s DSW Think Tank Report, September 2013 (PDF)
Advanced Practice Doctorates: What Do They Mean For Social Work Practice, Research, and Education

Guide to Resources in Aging Research and Education, October 2012 (PDF)

Educational, Research and Service Enhancements in Aging, October 2012 (PDF)

Transition Document, November 2012: Setting Priorities, Serving the Nation: A Shared Agenda for Social Work Education (PDF)

International Social Work Conference 2007, NADD Task Force Report (PDF)
Prepared by NADD’s International Task Force.

Position Paper on Geriatric Social Work Education (PDF)
Prepared by Gary Behrman, doctoral student, University at Albany, with funds from the John A. Hartford Foundation; in Collaboration with Pat Volland of the New York Academy of Medicine.

Promoting Social Work for All Ages in Social Work Education (PDF)
A guide for deans and directors prepared by Dr. Sharon Kreigher, Mary Van Hook, Sue Tebb, Esther Langston, Katharine Briar-Lawson, with assistance from Anita Rosen (CSWE) and Joan Zlotnik (IASWR).

Challenges and Opportunities for Promoting Federally Funded Research in Social Work Programs (PDF)
A 1997 NADD workgroup report on research infrastructure prepared in conjunction with IASWR.