Surveys and Q&As

Surveys, Questions and Responses from Members

School of Social Work Course Assignment and Course Cap Summaries, Survey Results compiled by Nancy J. Smyth, University at Buffalo School of Social Work, November 2019

Cumulative Course Caps Data (PDF)
Research University Course Caps Results (PDF)
DU-Professional (PDF)
Masters Colleges – UB Course Caps Survey Results (PDF)
Baccalaureate College (PDF)

What is your system to calculate merit increases for faculty? – Responses compiled by Marianne RM Yoshioka, Smith College School for Social Work, June 2019 (PDF)

Spring 2019 Salary Survey, May 2019 (PDF)

How does your school/department involve students in decision-making/policy-making? – Responses compiled by Susanna Jones, San Francisco State University, February 2018 (PDF)

Social Workers in Libraries Project – Responses compiled by Richard P. Barth, University of Maryland School of Social Work, December 2017 (PDF)

Fall 2017 NADD Salary Survey, November 2017 (PDF)

Adjunct Salaries by Region – Report prepared by Joan Blakey, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, October 2017 (PDF)

What is your policy or practice re: faculty hires of your own alumni? Query responses compiled by Marianne RM Yoshioka, Smith College, August 2017 (PDF)

Program Support for Social Work Licensing Examinations, results compiled by Terry Wolfer, University of South Carolina, January 2017 (PDF)

SW School’s Policy on Faculty Assigning their own Writings as Required Readings, results compiled by Hope Haslam Straughan, Wheelock College, October 2016 (PDF)

“How have your advanced standing students performed academically and in field practice as compared with non-advanced standing students?”, results compiled by Todd Rofuth, Southern Connecticut University, March 2016 (PDF)

Survey on Class Sizes, compiled by Lois Pierce, University of Missouri-St. Louis, February 2016 (PDF)

Do you give appointments or honorary titles to agency supervisors?, responses compiled by Marianne RM Yoshioka, Smith College, February 2016 (PDF)

List of Recommended Strategic Planning Consultants, compiled by Marianne RM Yoshioka, Smith College, January 2016 (PDF)

Summary of BSW Professionalism Responses, December 15, 2015 (PDF)
BSW Student Affidavit (PDF)
Readiness for Field Rubric (PDF)
Student Professionalism (PDF)

Summary – Minimum Qualifications for Teaching MSW-level Courses, December 7, 2015 (PDF)

Summary – Social Workers Embedded in Police Departments, October 9, 2015 (PDF)

Job Descriptions for Social Workers Connected to Police Departments, October 9, 2015 (PDF)

Responses to listserv query regarding Assessment Systems (PDF)

Summary of Responses to Question about Travel Policies in Colleges, Schools, Departments of Social Work-November 2014 (PDF)

NADD Survey Results on MSW Programs and the Veterans Administration, March 2014 (PDF)

Survey of Starting Salaries for New Social Work Assistant Professor Hires, May 2013 (PDF)

Master’s Programs Offering Dual/Joint Degrees: CSWE Report for NADD, October 2012 (PDF)

Dual Degree Listed by Degree (PDF)

Dual Degree Listed by Programs (PDF)

Advanced Standing Data (PDF)

NADD Child Welfare Task Force Survey (Summary of Findings: November 6, 2009) (PDF)

NADD Fall 2010 Salary Survey (October 1, 2010) (PDF)

NADD 2011 – 2012 Salary Survey (October, 2011) (PDF)

2012 Summary NADD Salary Survey Report (November 2012) (PDF)