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Web Resources

Disaster Preparedness

Red Cross Disaster Services
Flash presentation that provides an orientation to the disaster services of the Red Cross and the opportunities for involvement.

Disaster Planning for Senior Adults
This module was developed for a Cooperative Extension training program. Topics include developing a family communication plan, TV watching by children during times of conflict, home evacuation, managing stress for families, maintaining food and water, avoiding fraud, and more.

Disaster Resources for People with Disabilities and Emergency Managers
Includes many different resources on this topic from the micro to macro level, such as tips for people with special needs, emergency power planning for people dependent on electrical technology for survival, integrating disability issues into disaster training and planning, legal issues, and reports on the special needs assessments of Hurricane Katrina evacuees.

FEMA’s Emergency Management Institute Independent Study Courses
Over 50 Independent Study courses offered by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) covering a wide range of topics related to disaster preparedness.

FEMA’s Site for Kids
Includes information for kids on disaster preparedness, free products that can be requested (e.g., posters, coloring books), and online games.

Just in Case: Video for Older Adults and Their Caregivers
Free online video that provides an overview of general preparedness strategies.

National Clearinghouse for Educational Facilities Disaster Preparedness and Response for Schools
Includes a wealth of information on this topic including policy and planning documents, lessons learned from parents and students, and links to toolkits.

People with Serious Mental Illness at Times of Disaster: Video for Caregivers
Free 29-minute video prepared by New Jersey to educate professionals who care for persons with serious mental illness about planning, preparation, and responding to disasters and public health emergencies. After the first sections that are specific to New Jersey, the remainder of the video is more generally applicable.

National Center for Disaster Preparedness
Provides applied research, analysis, advocacy, and direct service resources.

Resources on Emergency Evacuation and Disaster Preparedness
Resources on evacuation planning, assistive products to help those with disabilities, disaster preparedness, and emergency management.

Trauma and Disaster-Related Counseling

National Center for PTSD
Includes many resources, such as a copy of the Psychological First Aid Manual, disaster fact sheets, online searchable database (PILOTS) on trauma and related topics, video links, assessment instruments, and an Iraq War Clinician’s Guide, and Disaster Mental Services Guide.

David Baldwin’s Trauma Information Pages
Excellent overall resource on trauma, emphasizing MH issues. Includes many handouts that can be used in various types of disasters, a summary of treatment guidelines, as well as many links to excellent resources all over the world. The best one-stop web resource on this topic.

Mental Health of Refugees
PDF of the 1996 publication from the World Health Organization.

Community Crisis Response Team Training Manual (2nd edition) by Marlene A. Young
Excellent comprehensive guide on both short and long term trauma response, individual and group trauma counseling, and caregiver stress.

Developing Cultural Competence in Disaster Mental Health Programs
Published by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Agency. Includes guiding principles and recommendations in both HTML and a downloadable Adobe PDF document.

Publications on Mental Health and Disaster Issues
Publications for responders on a variety of topics and techniques.

Mental Health Workers Without Borders
Includes downloadable manual on Coping with Disaster (Psychosocial Interventions) in English and Spanish, and a publication on self-care for humanitarian workers.

Critical Incident Stress Management
References, resources, and links within an international context to assist victims of trauma.

Sidran Institute: Traumatic Stress Education and Advocacy
Resources and links to help understand, manage, and treat trauma and dissociation.

TF-CBT Web: A Partner with NCTSN
Free web-based training course in trauma-focused CBT, used with children who have endured trauma and their families.

National Child Traumatic Stress Network
Collaboration of researchers and community-based service centers working together and established by Congress in 2000 to improve quality of care for traumatized children and families. Resources, links, and information on training opportunities.